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Boonie Camp Gear Mission
The reason behind the Boonie Camp Gear online store is to offer you brand name gear and equipment from a reliable source and not a big corporation. We want to develop a customer relationship that will last by giving you the kind of service that you will never get from a superstore.

Consider Boonie Camp Gear your online mom and pop store where you can shop for almost everything you need before heading to the great outdoors. We believe in building trust with our customers knowing what they need and being able to get it there at the most affordable prices.

What We Have
In Boonie Camp Gear, you will find different kinds of products for the different kinds of outdoor activities. We have camping, fishing, backpacking, survival, and boating gears. We also have different clothes and apparel for your outdoor activities. We have equipment and accessories for different activities, cooking and smoking equipment for your catches and hunts, and if you’re looking for gear or equipment that’s not in the list of 44,000 products and growing, let us find it for you.

  • Camping Gear - Boonie Camp Gear has you covered on all gear and equipment you need for a camping trip, whether this is for a day, or two or more days. We have tents, sleeping bags, camping lights, furniture and cooking equipment. Don’t forget the essentials such as water purifiers, insect control, camping showers, water bottles and first aid kits. We want you to be fully prepared as you enjoy the beauty of nature. We also have camping gear for kids, to start them early on their outdoor adventures with you.

  • Backpacking Gear - If you want a more adventurous lifestyle then want to travel on foot to experience the beauty of Mother Nature at its best, we have top branded backpacking gear for you. We have your essential backpacks, waist packs, backpacking tents and sleeping bags.

  • Fishing Gear- This is where it all started for us, fishing. And as a true fishing aficionado, we have all types of fishing equipment for you. We offer different brands of reels, rods and many combinations. We also have fishing tackle, lures, tools and accessories.

  • Boating Gear - Boating gear needed for fishing and life jackets are available both for adults, kids and infants. We have fishing boat accessories, boat downriggers, trolling motors and lifejackets. These are your essentials for a great fishing expedition on a boat.

  • Survival Gear - Camping, backpacking and hiking require survival skills and tools. And we have all kinds of survival gear for you, from the basic fire starter, to compasses, emergency lighting and emergency accessories. In other words, everything that you need to survive the wild.

Boonie Camp Gear’s goal is to give you the best brands of gear on all outdoor activities. We offer a wide range of collections to satisfy all your outdoor needs, and like a physical store, we’d like you to comb through our merchandise and find great discounts on certain items, or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest sales and special discounts on products as well as shipping.

We want to make your shopping experience here at Boonie Camp Gear as close to a real mom and pop store as possible. We want to give all our customers the kind of personal service that you won’t get in corporate run stores.

Thank you,
The Boonie Camp Gear Team

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